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Where Fashion Meets Sustainability, & Style is a Reflection of You.

I'm here to guide you on a journey of self-expression through sustainable and stylish choices.

Shannon, owner of the sustainable stylist

Hi I'm Shannon,

I understand that life changes can impact your style. Whether you're returning to work, experiencing shifts in your job, or embracing the changes that come with motherhood, I'm here to help you rediscover and redefine your unique style.

How it Works

Choose Your Package

Explore our tailored packages designed to meet your unique needs. There's a package for every style journey.

Schedule Your Session

Once you've selected your package, choose a convenient time for your styling session.

Enjoy Your New Wardrobe

Revel in your refreshed and sustainable wardrobe. Feel confident and stylish every day

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Our Signature Styling Packages

Explore our curated services at The Sustainable Stylist, designed to elevate your fashion journey sustainably. Whether you're seeking a complete style transformation, a closet refresh, or a stress-free shopping experience, our signature packages cater to your unique style needs.

Signature Transformation

Embark on a complete style overhaul with our comprehensive package. We'll revitalize your wardrobe through a closet edit, followed by a personalized shopping experience. Expect sustainable, stylish additions that align seamlessly with your preferences.

Closet Edit

Ideal for those craving a wardrobe refresh. Let's work together to declutter and organize your closet. Identify pieces that complement your style and body type, making space for the new, sustainable you.

Shop With You

Tailored for shopping enthusiasts who enjoy the process. Join me on a personalized shopping spree where we explore sustainable and stylish options together. Receive expert advice on outfit pairings, strategic shopping, and make conscious fashion choices aligned with your style.​

Shop For You

Ideal for those preferring a hands-off approach to shopping. Let me take charge of navigating stores. I'll curate a selection of sustainable pieces based on your preferences, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience.

Virtual Walk-Through

Dip your toes into the styling experience with this virtual snapshot. Perfect for the curious, we'll discuss your style goals, evaluate your current wardrobe, and provide initial style tips to kickstart your fashion journey.

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