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Let me help you elevate your style!



Shannon, Owner & Stylist

Hi, I'm Shannon your sustainable, personal stylist.

I am here to help you rediscover and elevate your wardrobe.

I create fresh new looks specifically just for you and work with what you’ve got. Let me help you feel more confident. Taking you from drab to fab. One outfit at a time. Click here to book  yourself in for a complimentary call today.




Signature Service

Closet Edit

Our signature package is  our most valuable!  Included in this package is a closet edit.  And  a personal shop. Where I will shop with or for you. After going through your clothes, creating new looks.  I will determine what curated pieces you need to add into your existing wardrobe.

Seeing a wardrobe for the first time  means a fresh perspective. I will work with your current wardrobe to create new outfits and  sharpen up your personal style. No need to start from scratch.  Change the way you see and wear your clothes.

Laura Vandette

Shannon is great at what she does! She came to my home for a Gold Package/consultation. I thought she would tell me to get rid of everything and purchase all new items. Instead, she worked with what I had, created new outfits I never would have thought of putting together and taught me how to mix my business casual clothes with casual clothes to maximize what I have. I’m so excited to wear my "new" wardrobe.

Shannon is a clothing goddess who brings life back into articles of clothing that have been forgotten in one’s closet. She put together many outfits that were stylish and versatile, as well as shared advice that would allow me to dress each day effortlessly.

Jennifer. P

Before I hired Shannon as my stylist I only wore about 10% of my clothing. I had a good selection of thrift store finds but I never wore anything but jeans and T-shirts for lack of ideas about styling them. After working with Shannon, I have a clear and elevated sense of style. I have lots of outfit ideas. I saw the value in the investment because I do not need to buy more clothing and I get better use out of clothing already in my wardrobe. I get excited to leave the house now because I get to pick a new outfit! Shannon was a pleasure to work with, she was knowledgeable and efficient. I would highly recommend anyone to do this for themselves so they can be mindful about their shopping choices and clear out clutter.

Krysta Boyer

I was looking to reinvent my wardrobe without having to put any thought into it. Shannon was the answer! She came shopping with me and pretty well told me what to try on. She was honest about what worked and what didn't work. She made sure I was getting pieces that worked together in multiple ways. I am so excited about my wardrobe, and have a renewed sense of confidence. I highly recommend working with Shannon!

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