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Corrie Goldfinger

I was feeling very blah about my work wardrobe and hired Shannon to help me dress for my role. As a professional organizer, I need to have a wardrobe that is both comfortable but that also looks professional. I had no clue how to go about doing this and kept putting off shopping for new work clothes because I didn't know where to start. I'm so glad that I did a personal shop with Shannon! She listened to my goals about what I was looking for and pulled pieces for me to try that fit within those...while also encouraging me to try on outfits that pushed me a bit outside of my comfort zone. I now have work clothes that are both comfortable and of my clients even complimented me on my pants (that was a first!). I feel more confident now when going to see clients as I know I am looking more professional than before. Thank you Shannon.

After 3 years of yoga pants and sweats, I'm starting to get back to live events and travel and I was feeling uninspired, unstylish, and unsure where to start with my clothing.
Did I mention that I have also gained enough weight that many of my clothes no longer fit?  I needed my version of Stacey and Clinton!
So I went online and found Shannon, @thesustainablestylist1. I wanted someone local to Hamilton and I really appreciated Shannon's focus on incorporating your current clothes and second hand clothing. 
So... Last week, we did our closet edit. Shannon took away two garbage bags full of donations after challenging me on some items, all of which felt great to not see hanging in my closet anymore, reminding me they no longer fit. Yesterday, I met Shannon at Style Encore where she has selected dozens of items for me to try on.  I was skeptical about some things (I don't wear dresses!) but her suggestions were bang on and I actually felt good in a lot of the clothes.    I purchased 5 dresses(!), 9 pairs of pants, 6 tops, a sequinned jacket I can't wait to wear, 2 pairs of shoes, and even a skirt. All for under $400.  And Shannon has created a look book for me with all my clothes including a carry-on wardrobe for traveling to San Diego!  I love my wardrobe and my closet looks awesome.
Check it out and if you're feeling like your wardrobe and your clothing confidence can use a boost, call Shannon.

Seema K

This was a gift from my husband before I returned to work after maternity leave and it was absolutely perfect! I have a bunch of new outfits that I’m excited about and a look book to reference so I don’t even have to think about what to wear on tired mornings. It’s like giving your old clothes a new life too. Highly recommend it!

Lisa Hardie

I booked with Shannon during a time I was trying to find myself again after going through a life-changing event. She really helped me redefine who I am as a person by helping me clear out old clothes and helping me find some fabulous new pieces. I was able to purge quite a bit of items and feel confident in my body and overall style. I would highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for a closet refresh or someone who just needs a bit of a pick-me-up in terms of confidence and life.

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